Why shirts?

The three main clothing items I have remade on a regular basis are, t-shirts, men’s shirts and jeans. The jeans and t-shirts I have completely reconstructed into everything from crochet neck pieces, to simple A-Line skirts. But, when it came to the shirts, I never really completed a full deconstruction/reconstruction. In addition to this, shirts are one of the items that are unable to be resold in Charity shops after donation, due to general wear and tear. Taking both of these aspects into consideration I thought, what better way to reuse them, than to take them back to their source material and redesign an entirely new garment?


Why Subtraction Pattern dresses?

As a technique it is very adaptable to different materials, creating unique shapes each time the pattern is applied. I had tried the pattern on cotton jersey, wool vintage blankets and I thought why not try it with deconstructed shirts, so I did, and I loved the outcome. It allowed me to keep the basic structure of the shirt’s identity, buttons, cuffs, collars while creating individual bespoke dresses.

Project Partners

Partnering with the Cope Charity Shop in Galway allowed the idea to develop into the Shirt Project. Grace, the shop manager, supplied all of the unwanted shirts for the project and will host the project exhibition of dresses in the Cope Charity Shop window along side a sewing/up-cycling demo day on Saturday the 16th of May.

This will be followed by a subtraction pattern shirt dress workshop on Thursday evening the 21st of May from 7.30 to 9pm. Places on the workshop are limited to 12 participants, booking is essential and can be done through  Cope Galway Charity Shop on Augustine Street, Galway City or by calling (091) 569715. Workshop deposit is €7.00/€5.00.

For full details on the Shirt Project, including blog posts & tutorials

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