I first came across this style of garment making when Patricia Dickson was teaching a class in the Studio Souk in Belfast, and it immediately struck me as fabulous way to create garments with very little waste. A little bit more research via google and I found the creator of the technique Julian Roberts who has published a free downloadable book on the technique for everyone to use.

Following this step by step process I created the dress featured at the top of this blog post.

I used organic cotton jersey, quite a large piece, basically my whole body could fit inside the folded piece of fabric outlined in the image below.

I then made up a simple paper pattern for a sleeveless, curved neck top.


After the seams were sewn together, as above. I pinned the pattern onto the top layer of the material only. Position the pattern pieces as in the image below.




Finally turn right side out, trim the dress to desired length, finish off neckline, arms and bottom of the dress with bias binding. Drape the resulting fabric folds in any desired way.

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