the shirt projectTurning a shirt into a skirt is pretty straightforward, the only additional piece I had to include was a 2” / 5 cm elastic for the waistband.

Shirt to skirt - the shirt project

Brief outline on how to make:

  • Button up the shirt and machine-sew closed the front overlap section.
  • Take off the sleeves, collar and remove the front of the shirt from the from the back of the shirt.
  • Cut a straight line across the very top of the shirt front. Leaving as much as possible of the original armhole in position. This will become the top of the front pocket.
  • Cut the back of the shirt into a rectangular, removing the shirt top panel and the back of the armholes.

Shirt to skirt - the shirt project

  • Using the material in the sleeves cut out two pockets and sew the pockets in position.
  • Pleats can also be added to the front of the skirt at this point. (Optional)

Shirt to skirt - the shirt project

  • Using a French seam attach the front and back of the skirt together.
  • Cut the bottom of the skirt level and sew a small double hem in place.
  • Stretch the elastic around your waist to measure how much you need.
  • Sew the elastic together at the ends to make a circle.
  • Using a double needle attach the elastic to the top of the skirt.

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