For this restyle I used a medium fitted man’s shirt in 100% cotton.

Cute summer top restyled from a Man's shirt

Step by step guide:

  • Remove the sleeves and the collar.
  • Fold the shirt over on itself so that the sleeve holes are sitting over each other, this space then becomes the neck area.
  • Trim away the shoulder section to the shirt making sure the top of the shirt is cut level all the way across the new shoulder area.
  • Button up the top button, leave the next two or three open, this area then becomes the new arm-opening, button the rest of the buttons to the end.

Shirt project box top with Obi belt

  • Measure the length of the arm opening and cut the same length on the opposite side of the shirt.
  • Turn the shirt right sides together and sew along the shoulder areas.
  • This particular shirt has darts running down the back of the shirt, I measured up the darts and sewed exactly the same darts into the front shirt panels.
  • Turn the shirt right side out, using an overlocker* sew along the neck area and the newly created arm area.
  • There is no need to sew along the button area.
  • Turn a single hem on the neck and arm area and sew in place.
  • Finally using the left over sleeves make an Obi belt. Instructions and pattern for the Obi belt will be posted and linked here as the project progresses.

* If you do not have an overlocker turn a double hem along the neck and the arm areas.

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