• Wool Blanket (57″ x 42″ / 145 cm x 107 cm)
  • Bias Binding (just under 2 meters  / 2.5 yards)
  • Machine sewing thread (colour to match the bias binding)
  • Kilt Pin to close the coat



  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Needle and thread for tacking
  • Sewing machine & a standard machine needle size 14
  • Tailor Chalk

How To Make:

Fold your chosen blanket in half and lay on a table with the fold facing you.

Measure from shoulder to shoulder across your back. (My measurement for this project is  14” / 36 cm) Divide this measurement in 2.

You will need the length of the arm opening. (My measurement for this project is 12” / 30.5 cm)

With the fold of the fabric facing you measure down 7″ / 18cm from the left hand side (this will be the top of the coat) Note this measurement is taken from the first one above after it is divide by 2.


Turn the measuring tape to point away from you, as in the image above; measure in 7”/ 18 cm.

Finally turn the tape again horizontal to you and measure down the 12” / 30.5 cm.

Mark this line with some tailor chalk and cut through the two layers of material.

You should end up with a cut in the fabric as shown in the image below.


You now have your armholes.

Finish off the armholes by attaching bias binding.


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