Heart on my Sleeve Project

Heart on my sleeve is a series of collaborative workshops using the medium of hand embroidery to explore, mediated-on and embrace ideas that are important to you.

Using upcycled textiles from either your own garments, or found textiles we will explore the time and space surrounding creativity.

Choosing key words and sentences that are fundamental to the way we structure the world around us we will create the space to explore these ideas while using basic hand embroidery techniques to embellish our chosen textiles.

Each finished piece is designed to be worn on your wrist or can be sewn on to the wrist area of another garment.

Workshop length approx. 2 hours

Wrist bracelet pattern, embroidery patterns and a how to guide to stitches are available as downloads before the workshop.

There is also be a creative thinking workbook available to download; this will cover everything you will need to participate.

For further details or to book this workshop message us via the contact form above.

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